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I stumbled onto an important life discovery in my late teens.  “There is great pleasure in helping others get past obstacles in their lives, and supporting them as they move on to their best successes.”  I also found that I had the ability to identify leaders and help guide them towards the best application of the leadership gift, whether in business, not-for-profit ventures, academia, or other domains.

I never planned to become an executive coach.  This vocation has emerged from serving in various organizations and giving time freely to support and encourage the people who have been placed in my path.  Over time I discovered that I had a list of leaders who said, “your wisdom and insight made all the difference in my success.” These responses have been deeply gratifying.

In my early twenties I completed a six-year training program for pastoral leadership.  Pastoring seemed natural for me. It was a chance to speak to the whole person–relational, emotional, cognitive and spiritual growth. During that time I discovered a passion for leadership development.

In 1985 an opportunity opened to work with Messenger International, an agency in San Jose, California. MI inspired young leaders to invest time, talent and resources in nations around the world for the benefit of the less fortunate.  For two years I organized national and international leadership conferences, then led the international projects division.  Our team mobilized 14,000 young people to 22 nations in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. I continued to study leadership sciences, and applied them as we worked with leaders in many diverse situations and cultures.

I often found that senior leaders of organizations are brave, amazing people who face tough decisions daily and have very few people who understand the pressures they carry.

Senior leaders often face a lonely existence.  Whether on international setup trips or state-side training seminars, my focus always turned towards the leaders, the culture-setters.  I’d find myself spending many hours with them, helping them work through organizational and leadership growth issues.  At times the battles they faced were organizational in nature, e.g., how to help the leaders on their teams become more effective. At other times the impact was far-reaching: how to get large-scale shipments of medicines and medical care into developing nations, or caring for the poor in non-democratic societies.  In extreme cases these leaders supported the sustenance of whole communities during times of great upheaval, such as when the former Soviet Union was dissolved.

Some of the finest leaders I had the honor to work with were in Cleveland, Ohio.  I served with United Pastors in Mission, an organization with an 80-year history, addressing the needs of the urban poor and minorities.  For three years I was mentored by Dr. Sterling Glover, chairman of the Cuyahoga County Port Authority.  Dr. Glover taught me more than I can explain in words. He introduced me to new worlds and a deeper understanding of the needs of the exploited. I will always be indebted to him.

For the last twelve years I’ve served in dual careers, leadership coaching and pastoral leadership.  Two men set examples for me: Dr. Lloyd Ogilvie, former Chaplain to the United States Senate and John Maxwell, a nationally recognized speaker and author. Both of these “heroes” began their work in theology and found themselves emerging into a leader-centric focus. They demonstrated that “leadership is leadership”—the principles apply in every arena, from business to medicine, academia to the non-profit sector.

Due to the urging of respected leaders, and a strong personal sense of calling, I’ve chosen to dedicate the next season of my life to executive coaching, leadership group facilitation and thought leadership.  Helping a leader grow and succeed is the most rewarding work I can do with my life, and it has a ripple effect on countless others.


-Theological training: GHCC Leadership Institute 1977-1983
• Worked with campus ministries, focus on leadership development

-National Director, Messenger International (MI)
• directed expansion of North American network
• monthly meetings with city leaders across the nation
• expanded membership to participate in international projects
• guest speaker at local and regional conferences
• Individual leadership coaching

-Directed two international leadership conferences in Denver and Dallas, ’86-’87 (3-400 leaders in attendance at each)
-Facilitated numerous regional leadership gatherings each year
-Produced national theater tour (promotional tour for MI) in conjunction with Sparrow Records, seventeen cities in ten weeks
-International Projects Director for MI, 1988-1999
• Mobilized and directed projects, 14,000 workers to twenty-two nations
• Opened office for Midwest/Northeast region 1991
• Participated in coaching relationships with many international leaders
• Guest speaker for over 5,000 emerging leaders in Central America with the President of Honduras and other dignitaries leaders

-Raised funds and started a not-for-profit organization in Rochester, NY 1999
• Grew to several hundred members. Mission: serving community, building strong families, leadership development, personal and spiritual growth

-Continued development in leadership coaching with business, academic, political and non-profit leaders

-Extensive training in Bowen Systems Executive Coaching

-Certified to teach the “Uncommon Leadership Seminar”, through Staropoli Consulting.

-Instructed in Practics and Strategies for Executive Coaching, by Samuel “Chip” Toth, Founder and CEO of LeadersInspire

-Received training in Personal Growth Development by David Shirk, Founder and CEO of Vertical 55, in Washington,  D.C.

-First responder with Hope Force International, The Salvation Army and FEMA, after the Katrina hurricane disaster, on-site training for -FEMA camp director

-Instructor at bi-annual Leadership Training Institute on the Amazon River in Peru with students from around the world

-Continued pro-bono work in leadership development with Hope Force International

  • Being a guest speaker for over 5,000 emerging leaders in Central America with the President of Honduras.
    • Teaching bi-annually at a leadership training institute on the Amazon River in Peru with students from around the world.