The Honorable Robert Duffy

Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York

The Honorable Robert Duffy was elected Lieutenant Governor in November 2010 after he and running mate Andrew Cuomo ran a successful campaign to lead New York State. Duffy had been mayor of Rochester, NY since January 1, 2006.

After joining the Rochester Police Department in 1976, he worked nights to earn a Master’s degree from Syracuse University. He became Deputy Chief of Police in 1992 and Rochester’s Chief of Police in 1998.

The youngest of three brothers, Bob Duffy and his wife Barbara are the proud parents of daughters Erin and Shannon. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading and running.


Dr. John Hodgson

Chairman, Department of Cardiology at Geisinger Health System

Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases with added qualification in Interventional Cardiology

Board Certified in Cardiac CTA Chairman of Cardiology at Geisinger

Tenured Full Professor of Medicine, CWRU

Academic Cardiology practice with focus on intervention, new devices, physician education, and novel health care solutions



Dr. John Martin

President, Roberts Wesleyan College

President Martin came to Roberts as Provost in 1996, after serving as president of Central College in Kansas. He became president of Roberts Wesleyan College in 2002. He holds doctoral degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and the University of North Texas.



The following specialists are a resource to Riling Leadership Resources based upon the specific needs of each client.

James Nobles, Esq.

Nobles Defense
former Assistant District Attorney

Dr. John Hodgson

Chairman, Department of Cardiology at Geisinger Health System

Jim Fenton

Vice President of Strategy and Development at LP Ciminelli,
Former Chief Strategy officer, Rochester City Schools, Adjunct Professor of Business at Roberts Wesleyan College


Ann Wallace

New Business Development, Providium-Gallagher, Rochester, NY

Jim Forward;

Founder and President, Forward Branding


When I first met Don Riling, we were both teaching at a conference in Ohio.  I could tell that Don was immediately tuning into the challenges I was facing as a leader.  In the years to come, he helped me take important steps that have resulted in an international, award-winning performing arts group.  Don’s insights and instruction made all the difference, and I continue to consult with him on major decisions for our company.

Darren Stevenson, Founder and Director, Push Physical Theatre

Don- I thought you should know; I did have a conversation with our President and COO about our coaching sessions a couple of weeks ago. I told them I found the sessions to be extremely helpful. They helped me see the light, so to speak! You helped me identify the issues that are causing me great stress and taught me how to deal with them properly in a professional manner. This has been a life-changing event for me–something I will work on and improve on in my daily activities at work and at home. Thanks again for giving me the tools needed to take it to the next level.
In addition to a coach, I will always consider you a “Friend”. I wish you and your family the best that life has to offer.

Todd, Key Executive, Rochester Construction Company

When I was hired as principal of an elementary school over ten years ago, I waded into a very difficult situation. There was much upheaval, unrest, dissension and much of it became focused on me. Don Riling came into the situation with me and provided insights that helped me change my role and outlook on the problem. As time went on, his instruction in leadership principles continued to strengthen my ability to guide change within our system. Recently I was told by the superintendent that our school went from one of the most difficult to a model of unity and progress within our district. Don’s coaching was a key factor in facilitating this cultural shift.

Mary Ann, Elementary School Principal

For years, I had been looking for an executive coach but one mentor after the other could only regurgitate what I already learned through national workshops. Then entered Don Riling into my office. He is able to not only provide me new perspectives on leadership but also coach me through methods that have powerfully changed the way I see my organization, improve execution of strategic plans, and break through long standing issues with my end users. Our one-to-one meetings are far more valuable than any workshop I’ve attended on leadership.

Bill R, CEO of Not-for-profit organization

Frank Staropoli
President, Staropoli Consulting

Dave Buehring
Founder & President, Lionshare Leadership Group

David Shirk
CEO, Vertical55, Washington, D.C.